All Comfort Bags are made from 100% cotton fabric which allows easy transfer of heat to body or place. The cherry pit has a small kernel inside it which absorbs moisture. This moisture ensures the heat or cold lasts longer than other dry bags. A moist heat is also more therapeutically effective than a dry heat. Regular washing of the bag allows the kernel to re-hydrate and provide constant heat or cold.

Comfort Bag Description Size Weight Price
Square This all-purpose bag fits perfectly anywhere on your body but is especially suited for the knee or elbow. It is also ideal for warming the bed and keeping the feet warm. 24cm x 24cm Approx. 0.60 kg $22.95
Long This is very suitable for the neck and allows the user to move around with the bag in situ. It is also ideal for wrist support while using a keyboard. 46.5cm x 12.5cm Approx. 0.55 kg $22.95
Stress Pac This comfort bag provides the ultimate in neck and shoulder therapy and can be worn like an item of clothing. It fits snugly around the neck and drapes down onto the shoulders making it very easy to move around while wearing it. 50cm x 42cm Approx. 1.2 kg $59.95
Neck Hug Designed for neck and head support while sitting, walking or sleeping. Especially useful on long journeys as it supports the head and brings comfort to the neck. 37cm x 25cm Approx. 0.85 kg $45.95
Macro This larger bag allows larger areas to be treated at one time. It is very useful for chronic back problems and is popular with massage therapists and physiotherapists. 46cm x 25cm Approx. 1.2 kg $44.95
Super Hug A multi-functional bag designed for the neck, back and shoulders but also very useful on legs and arms. Heat and cold is distributed evenly due to the sewn-in channels that hold the pits in place. 71cm x 24cm Approx. 1.3 kg $48.00
Mini Our lightweight bag is especially useful for facial applications, such as, migraines, sinus and toothache problems. They have also been used successfully in the management of chronic sty conditions. Their size makes them perfect for young children and pets. 21cm x 12.5cm Approx. 0.27 kg $14.50
Hand Warmers Made from 100% cotton and ideal for hilding in your hands or in your pockets while walking or watching sports in the colder weather. These small bags are also ideal when travelling away from home. Sold in pairs. 15cm x 8cm Approx. 0.2 kg $15.50